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Zombie Run 3D - City Escape

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If you like zombie games, zombie run, fun games, horror games or running games in general you will love Zombie Run 3D - City Escape! Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Zombie Run 3D - City Escape! If you like Zombie Run 3D - City Escape then please rate it with 5 stars.

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Merge yourself into this fantastic zombie adventure. Rock is a big guy that has died a while ago but never managed to accept his death. He misses his old life as a human and most of all he misses his favorite meal..... huge tasty burgers. Out of this reason he takes the first opportunity he gets to escape from the dead world. Now he is back in the living world where he does not belong anymore trying to eat as much burger as he can in the shortest time possible. Because he knows that his absence must have been noticed in the underworld and there is no way the death is going to let somebody who has been already taken, escape from his temple of the damned souls. Rock has to be very careful and smart to not be caught from the death that could be waiting for him behind every corner. The big advantage that Rock has gained by having been already in the underworld is that he can now see and touch the death, without having to lose all his powers and die instantly.
Your target is to try to fight the angry death as long as possible and keep Rock in the world of the living even if just a little bit longer. Become part of this war of survival and defend Rock by hitting the death with a drift (slip), a kick or a double fly kick. But pay attention it will not be an easy task as your path has been littered with traps and obstacles such as red TNT boxes that could blast him away, large infernal holes (hell gates) where he could fall, damaged cars that obstruct the road and many more.
In fact all your abilities will be required to dodge all the obstacles on your path. Run, skip, dash and evade every object that could hinder this clumsy Zombie in his surviving mission. Every falls step or collision could hurt him or even bring him back to the underworld.

Keep an eye on the items and power ups you will find along the street, some of them could come in very handy and help you surpass difficult situations.

3, 2, 1 go! Start your cartoon running adventure!

Features of Zombie Run 3D - City Escape:
★ Easy touch and tilt control
★ Original 3D-run function combines jumping, turning, and sliding.
★ Colorful graphics and smooth animations
★ One of the coolest zombie apps to play with!
★ The never-ending mega game
★ Time change like: Night, day, sun rise, sun set and moon rise / set
★ Special abilities:
✔ Thunderbolt: Makes you run much faster (at a nearly uncontrollable speed)
✔ Chronometer: Resets your speed to normal (slows you down)
✔ Green flare derived from magic plants: Makes you invincible for 10 seconds (The only thing you have to remember is to turn at every corner)

Advise: Catch the chronometer during your rush through the village to slow down the speed and increase the possibility of getting farther. Try to dash so fast that you can smash the sonic wall ;-)

Warning: Avoid the thunderbolt / lightning power up, as it will give you a turbo boost that makes you incredibly fast, but you will probably quickly lose control of the zombie. The only way to stop the high speed is to take a chronometer.

Race through the small city and let the Zombie have his last hearty meal before he is going to rest in peace.

Challenge the death and show your friends how long you manage to resist before she gets you.

Note: This is not exactly the usual zombie game that somebody would imagine. This game does not present any disgusting blood scenes with people being attacked and brutally killed from evil zombies. Therefore it could be played also by people that are more sensible to violence and horror stuff.

Spend a smashing good time with this stupid cartoon zombie. Download Zombie Run 3D - City Escape now!
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