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Physics Race - Hill Climb & Down the Hill Carriage

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👉 Build your Carriage! Have free fun, drive uphill and down hill.

Make your carriage, upgrade it, build a single-wheeled, two-wheeled, three-wheeled cart, or maybe a tank! Enjoy yourself while playing this real physics game and brain stimulator! ✅

👉 Free real physics drive game, based on constructing, making, and updating carriage with wheels. You will be able to upgrade your drive and experience the carriage's real physics movements so that you can put your skills to the test!

With this best free physics game, you have five games in one:
-👨‍🎓️Real Physics game,
-👷‍♂️Construction and upgrade game,
-🚗Driving uphill and down hill game,
-🎢An Adventure real physics simulator game, and
-🧠Brain stimulator game.

👉Be a cart driver, upgrade your ride, drive ahead and deliver all the oranges to the finish line.

👉If you enjoy building things, this is a perfect building game based on real physics! You will be able to make, customize and upgrade your cart ride. The construction of the cart will be in your hands.

👉A real physics game with a real physics simulator! You will build a cart, and you have to customize and upgrade a cart to help you climb uphill, down hill, and finish as fast as you can.

👉As a physics game in which your goal is to carry uphill and down hill all fruits to the end of the road as fast as you can. Defy Gravity, a real physics game, will also test your motoric skills. Uphill and down hill races will test your speed and logical thinking. This fun real physics simulator's very goal is to use real physics in a fun way!

👉Defy Gravity, physics simulator, may work as a brain stimulator for both kids and adults.

👉When you try it, you will see that it is undoubtedly one of the best real physics games, physics simulator, brain simulator, construction games, hot wheels ride, and puzzle games on Google Play. With a full cart of fruits (oranges), you need to go uphill and down hill and deliver fruits to the finish line. Build from scratch, upgrade and race the best uphill climb racing cart!

👉Give the best physics game a chance, drive ahead and compete on the leaderboard with other players!

👉Let's prepare to dare to get the victory of the extreme challenges of a thrilling uphill real physics game. Get ready for hours of fun with Defy Gravity, a cart physics simulator, and become number one. ✅

👉Defy Gravity is a cart driver real physics game for kids and adults! Get unlimited joy from this free physics game.

👉Race against time, collect coins, drive uphill and down hill, complete all courses, enjoy and learn from Defy Gravity, and free hot wheels ride physics simulator.

👨‍👩‍👦 This racing game was developed to be safe for kids and toddlers, especially to help your child develop fine motor skills and improve her/his reflex. It has simple controls to drive the cart, so both kids and adults can enjoy Defy Gravity free physics game.

👉Start your career, build a cart, upgrade it and enjoy the ride. There are numerous missions in this real physics game, where you have to drive the cart in the uphill and down hill. Enjoy the thrilling ride of off road driving, real physics simulator, ride upgrade in a single mobile game. There are numerous cart racing games, but this free physics simulator game will give you a new experience. It's your task to finish every level with all oranges in the cart. Defy Gravity with its real physics adventures waiting to be uncovered, so why not give it a try?

Download the game now and enjoy the fantastic free physics cart game adventure on your phone! ✅
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